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Jan. 10th, 2011

Snow . . .

So. We get snowed in a few weeks before xmas, and now we get snowed in again a few weeks after xmas, but did we get any snow at all over xmas? No, now we did not. *grouchy face*

In other words, the Broken Kitty is still halfway broken, but the vet figured we could take the splint off anyways as long as I continued to keep him confined and not let him jump on or off anything. He had a few nasty sores on his leg when the wrapping came off on Thursday, but they're already healing up nicely. Had to put him on antibiotics, though, but only have three more days of that. His broken leg is seriously like half the width of his good one, which is sort of sad, and also covered with bald patches.

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Jun. 16th, 2009


My cat is in love with straws. He will play with them forever, especially if they still have juice-remnants in them.

Lolz. <3

Jun. 12th, 2009

Sheriff Evil is not impressed

WTF, I can only read one page back on my friends page? Has it been like this always, cause I'm pretty sure it hasn't. WTF. How do I catch up on what people said when I was gone if my friends page only lets me go back one page?

In other news, am no longer ded-of-internets. Have not actually been ded-of-internets, just been in a mood to consume copious amounts of fic and pretend to be ded-of-internets.

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