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Apr. 19th, 2009

Set: Colours of the Sun and Sky

A set of drabbles and ficlets each inspired by an individual colour prompt.

Title: Colours of the Sun and Sky
Fandom: PSoH
Pairing: D/Leon
Rating: PG
FF100 Prompts: #011 - #020 (table)

Red: "Unequal" - G - It isn't a fair trade, but he makes it willingly.

Orange: not yet written

Yellow: "New Road, Old Story" - G - Leon made a list of the places D was most likely to hide.

Green: "Grass Stains" - PG - Fluffy! Domestic! Frightening! Post v10, spoiler-free. Hell, maybe v10 didn't even happen in this verse - but then again, it probably did.

Blue: "Blue" - G - Post-series. D POV; Leon's given up.

Purple: not yet written

Brown: not yet written

Black: "Dead Earth" - G - Apoco-fic. The earth is dead. V10 spoilers; some squinting required.

White: not yet written

Colourless: "Glass" - G - A thing that is broken is not necessarily without value.

I'd love to read any comments!

Jul. 17th, 2006

Fanfic 100 table - Petshop of Horrors (D/Leon)

Here be the table that be mostly empty.

Fandom: Petshop of Horrors
Pairing: D/Leon
Start Date: July 17, 2006

FF100 Tag

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May. 25th, 2005

31 Days of Drabble

Edit - May 25, 2005: I've decided, rather than expending all my energies on finishing up my extremely backdated list, to just close up the project and post all untyped contributions as individual works.

01) PoT - Inui x Kaidoh 'Premature' (01)
02) PoT - Inui x Kaidoh 'Afternoon Tea' (05)
03) PoT - Inui x Kaidoh 'Understanding' (11)
04) HxH - Hisoka x Illumi 'The Night Was Dark' (03)
05) DBZ - Piccolo & Gohan 'Right to Defend' (14)
09) PSoH - D x Leon 'Warm Chocolate' (04) + 'Habit' (09)
10) FuYu - Hotohori x Nuriko 'Temporary' (02)
11) HP - Harry x Draco 'Innocence' (08)
12) LMis - Grantaire x Enjolras 'Blindfolds' (10)
13) SMoon - Kunzite x Minako 'Sunlit Delusions' (07)
14) Naruto - Kiba x Hinata 'Giving Second a Chance' (13)
15) LMis - Grantaire 'Absinthe' (06)
16) Smallville - Lex x Clark 'Honesty' (12)

ETA Spring, 2008: These links lead back to the original LJ entries, along with associated comments. I may eventually fix this, but right now I'm far too lazy.