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Jul. 24th, 2009


Bought the Director's Cut version of Watchmen. It's got a lovely little Rorschach/Dan moment that wasn't in the theatrical release. :D :D :D

Watchmen Fic Rec (of the Dan/Rorschach variety):

"Now, As Before" by Etherati
:: Zombie!AU - cracky premise, serious execution. Takes place before the Keene Act. Awesome. Got some nice illustrations, too.

Oct. 29th, 2007

Sometimes I just stare at those empty pigeon cages and reflect upon how much I won. <-- from "Peter's Secret Diary 2.0," Part 5
*chokes and dies*
Oh, how I love Heroes. And pigeons. And fandom. (I want my Claude back, dammit!)

Also, read In the Interests of Research, by See Bee Flee. Just read it. You'll know why later.

May. 16th, 2007

Fic Rec: Narnia: Childhood Treasures

Childhood Treasures by [info]devildoll
Fandom: Narnia
Pairing: Lucy/Tumnus
Words: 1,100
Rated: PG13
Summary: "She isn't quite sure what they're waiting for, only that the waiting is harder for him than for her."

A lovely, sad, Lucy/Tumnus fic with beautiful imagery.

Nov. 1st, 2004

May I Recommend . . .

A few noteworthy fanfic I thought I'd mention. Mostly slash, so be warned. All are complete. Please read and review.

Petshop of Horrors:

Of Fowl and Furniture Kameko-chan D gives Leon a riddle, and the detective attempts to solve it. Very cute and fluffy. [~500 words]

Distance Desolation Several years after the end of the manga, Leon and D meet again by chance[?] Angsty, but very well written. [~4000 words]

Little Lion Cousin D An AU-ish prequel to the series; young Leon goes to Chinatown to avoid his abusive father. Drama, some angst, some fluff; a very well-rounded story. [~23000 words]

Prince of Tennis

The Food Crisis Aki Fukashi InuKai. Kaidoh is hungery, but his fridge is empty. Surprisingly touching. A hint of fluff. [~400 words]

Vevet Chocolate Ju InuKai. Kaidoh has a bad day. An interesting twist at the end. Fluff, light smut. [~1000 words]

To Lean A.A. Incognito InuKai. Inui and Kaidoh bond at training camp. Gentle and adorable. [~2000 words]

Samenai Yume MorphailEffect AtoJi. Jirou, thinking about dreaming about Atobe. Fluff and cuteness. [~2000 words]

Rougher Pillows Treana AtoJi. Jirou thinks tha t Atobe's lap would make a very nice pillow. Fluffy goodness. [~2500 words]

That's all for now.