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May 2013


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Broken kitten

So, my cat broke his leg Sunday night. The whole ordeal has been rather awful, and he's going to be living in my closet for the next few weeks while he heals, and the doctor says there's a chance it won't heal properly and he'll need surgery. I'm rather upset, and kitten is unhappy, and I miss my hugs. I keep turning around and expecting him to be at my heels, but he's not. I want my crazy-making boy back. :(


;_; Poor kitten... I hope he heals well! Surgery would not be fun for him. How on earth did he manage that?
I have this odd piece of furniture . . . it's basically a tall, narrow, endtable or corner piece or something with one little drawer near the top which I kept all his toys in. He's a sneaky bastard, so he has, once or twice, managed to get the drawer open just enough to snatch a toy out.

Basically (I was in the other room so I didn't see it) I guess he got the drawer partly open and then it fell over, WITH HIS PAW still in the drawer, which then slammed shut on it.

I heard a little thud followed by howling. the drawer was shut on his paw and he was terrified and crazed.
T_____T POOR KITTEN. *gives him gentle cuddles*
Yeah, it was pretty awful. Thankfully he didn't attack me while I was trying to get the drawer open again, or he would have been stuck there even longer. I'm just glad it happened while I was home.