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May 2013


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Ow. Shit. OW.

So, had my H1N1 vaccine today - gotta love being on the priority list! Of the dozen or so needles I've had stuck in me over the last month, it was the least painful. In fact, I hardly felt it at all. Good, yeah?

Except now my arm is hurting like a really hurty thing. Ow.


Anyways, on to the topic: I'm not doing Nano this year, due to extreme cases of FAIL in recent years, but my system rebels at the idea of not doing insane amounts of crappy writing in November. It just feels wrong. So I've made a commitment to write 50000 words put together by the 30th. Yesterday I split the words between a DS9 AU I've been wanting to write for years, and a Torchwood/Dark Is Rising crossover I've been wanting to write for years. I highly doubt that either of these will ever be completed.

The point? I would much like prompts/requests. As many as possible, please - don't worry about giving me too many. Anything that's half-decent I'll edit and post as Xmas fics, the other stuff I may or may not post raw depending on how embarrassingly terrible it is.

Also? [info]cheloya: Please let me know what you would like specifically for your birthday fic.

Once again, f-listers: If you would be so kind, please please please give me some prompts to work with. I'd appreciate it ever so much!


Only if you tell me specifically what you want for yours. ;) I don't want to cheat and just write other stuff for your fandoms I was thinking of writing anyway.

So I say Dilly/Parilthon, because they are my happy place. Perhaps some more Dilly-totally-not-enjoying-this-so-there. Because denial is fun, and so is Parilthon. :D
Em . . . Maybe something short with Caius & Alcibiades - set after Shadow Magic, with Caius being annoying?

Dilly & Parilthon it is, then. <3

Have any prompts/requests? Pleasepleaseplease? I am majorly behind on my WC and idealess.
OHH! Anything Dean/Castiel would be awesome. Seriously, anything. My new favorite OTP. ♥♥♥
I need more specific prompts than that! (Not too specific though . . .)

Be glad to give it a shot, I just need some inspiration first.
Laughter. Maybe Dean making Castiel laugh somehow. Maybe not fall-down-dying laughter, but maybe a amused chuckle?
Thanks! If you have anything else in mind, feel free to ask - I have 50,000 words to write, after all!
Oh, hey, I don't know you have seen it, but there is a Christmas gift exchange going on at the LJ comm, [info]deancas_xmas. Sign ups end tonight. You are assigned a person and get a gift fic in return. There are some crazy prompts going on over there.
Seme-samaaaaaaaa. :< I MISS YOU IT HAS BEEN MONTHS. ♥ I hope everything is going okay!
Sorry, sweetie! I've been pretty sickly and exhausted for the last month or two, but I promise I'll get your belated birthday fic up soon. This weekend, probably. *hugs*

*goes back to sleeping*
Forget the fic - obviously you are not doing so very well. If there is anything I can do to help at all, let me know, okay? *cuddles gently* Rest and get well, my lovely.