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May 2013


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WTF, weather?

Seriously, what the fuck? SNOW!? Freaking SNOW!? It's April! We've had sunshiny semi-warmness for over a week straight! And yet, come April 1st, we get SNOW!?

. . . this is an April Fool's joke from the Planet Earth, isn't it?


I mean, even in the Yukon we hardly ever got snow into April.

I wanna be waaaaaaaarm!


I'll accept your snow and trade the heat! :D


*has never seen the snow* pity me

Re: Addendum


I love the snow . . . just so long as it sticks to it's proper time of year and doesn't interfere with my warm-days.
EARTH: April Fool's! *proceeds to throw heatwave at you*

It's just kind of rainy here today. XD Yesterday was steamy. Our weather is weird as fuck.
Also, I sincerely hope your assignments are going well, dearest. *eyes you pointedly* You aren't still procrastinating, are you?

*flutters porn before you and away again*
.......wait, was this your April Fool's joke upon your flist, because seriously, it's not fair when we're in different timezones.
No, seriously, it was not even. *shudders*

Actually, now that I think about it, I believe we had freak snow last April, too . . . only at least that was a proper freak snowstorm, with high winds and enough snow piling up that classes were canceled and all, not just this totally nonchalant "good morning, everyone - here's some supremely wet slush to make you miserable!"

I was planning to play an April Fool's joke, but I looked out my window and all playfulness just . . . died.
*chases porn uselessly with butterfly net*

Er, not really. I mean, there just isn't any procrastination-time left now.

Coming onto DVD!

Oh, hey, totally unrelated, but I thought you might like to know that M Butterfly is being released on DVD May 27th. If I remember correctly, you mentioned that you really liked the movie, but I don't know if you own a VHS copy or not. Just a heads up.

Re: Coming onto DVD!

Oh my god, that is awesome! <3<3<3 Thanks so much for the tip!