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May 2013


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I don't *want* to go to sleep right now. I want to stay awake another 3 or 4 hours, sleep through my classes, and ignore reality. I really don't want to wake up early to finish the assignments I've put off, even though I had a three day weekend to work on them. I fucking hate that I'm so weak-willed that I can't force myself to do a 30-minute assignment until 20 minutes before class starts. I want to be able to sleep when I'm tired, and not have to drug myself insensate on pills to get to sleep at a "decent hour" so I can actually wake up in the morning and get to school. I don't want to have to keep a calendar of what pills I take on what nights and how many, just so I don't get addicted. I want someone to nag me in the morning and force me to get up, so I go even when I've only had an hour's sleep so I don't miss so many classes by sleeping in. I want to sleep for as long as I'm tired, and stay awake for as long as I'm not; screw the 24-hour diurnal cycle of planet Earth. 28 hours would be way more appropriate. It's almost one in the morning, and I'm in a bad mood.

Goodnight, Louis-Bear. You're missing a ribbon, did you know? It's okay. I still love you best.


*rolls up her nagging sleeves*

You have a certain number of points, divided into a certain number of fandoms, and every day you miss a class I'm taking points out of the fandoms, so you'd better go or I will never write for you again.

(Okay, so they are the Nagging Sleeves in the +20 Jacket of Coercion; sue me.)
*blinks innocently*

But how will you know?
Oh, I'll know.

Come, now, darling, these games are worthless without honesty.
Do I even get to know how many points I have to start off with? *G*
No. This is part of the intimidation scheme. :)
*howl of pain and frustration*

Well, I did make it to my classes today, albeit a bit late for the first since I missed my bus.
I'll forgive you for that, but five instances of lateness is the equivalent of missing a class. >:D JUST SAYING.

My uke is so pushy and strict.
Like Hiru, I seme part-time.