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May 2013


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Good things that happened

Friday was a good day

- I read the second half of Swordspoint. (utterly awesome, btw, and my uke has redeemed herself)

- I finally finally got my hands on Phoenix Wright: Justice For All

- I got a Keurig Elite B40 Single-cup coffee maker.(1) It shall live in my room and it shall be my pretty and I shall have warm beverages when I am semi-nekkid and there are people home. :3

- I went to see my grandparents! <3<3<3(Still there now, on their clunky old PC) Gramma and I are going to see a play today.

(1): It also makes tea, and I can fill a reusable K-Cup with my own loose leaf teas and have yumminess available at any time. I only have hot cocoa right now, though.


It's because I'm awesome.

Now go listen to the first chapter of Corambis. :D?
Noooo, I'm gonna wait until it comes out in full. :P
Thanks anyways!
. . . That was totally not the icon I meant to use.
I love your misuse of icon XD
Yes, yes, I am Made Of Fail, I know. *scowl*
Ohhh, coffee maker in your room! What a good idea :D

I want a little one for my desk at work XD But then people would harass me to make them one. :| No deal.
Charge them a buck per cup, and either they'll go away or you'll earn some extra cash!
Haha true!

We have an automated espresso machine at work that charges $2 a cup and is a bit dodgy, so I'd be raking in the pennies for sure!
Hurrah for mercantilism in action!