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May 2013


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Rivalries [R - Seabury/Dwight - Jeeves & Wooster]

Right. In celebration of the fact that I can now legally read such things, I present to you a pointless little piece of smut. Written in Quebec, actually, but I lacked a few details neccessary for posting until now.

Title: Rivalries
Fandom: Jeeves & Wooster
Pairing: Seabury/Dwight - all growed up.
Genre: soft PWP
Rating: R

“My Dad’s still richer than your uncle,” Dwight said, wriggling impatiently beneath the other boy, “I bet you’ve never had a dancing bear perform for your birthday.” A burst of new sensation: he gasped lightly and tightened his grip around the other’s back.

Seabury lifted his mouth away from the swollen pink nipple, grinning impishly at Dwight’s moan of dismay.

“I don’t care,” he said, hand drifting across the pale, heaving chest beneath him, “Don’t like stinking bears anyway.”

Dwight arched up, thrusting his hips wildly and pressing their naked bodies flush together.

“Shut up, you stupid blighter!” His voice was suspiciously high.

Seabury groaned, rocking his groin in response.

“Don’t-” he gasped, “tell me what to do!”

It could not last. They came together in a messy, shuddering second, and then it was over.

Even after the two boys – boys on the verge of becoming men – had rolled apart, their hands shyly kept contact, fingertips curled loosely around each others’.

“Hey, Dwight?”

“What is it?” The boy replied somewhat grumpily; he’d been jerked away from the verge of sleep.

“Give me five shillings.” A pillow was immediately shoved into his face.

~ End

AN: Well, I'm not overly fond of this - I liked it much better when I thought Dwight's name was "Edwin" :P

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